That’s all folks!


August 17, 2010 by gadaya

Well, it seems that there won’t be other posts for now on this blog. I really loved to do the research for it for more that one year and a half now but i’m getting tired of the process… I just want to say thanks to all my readers and listeners here at “The Old Weird America” for all the appreciations and warm comments. I think i’ll continue to post about the Harry Smith’s Anthology but in a less systematical way that i’ve done here. I’ll start soon another blog where i’ll   post from time to time other compilations of variations of Anthology’s songs like i did here but only when i feel like it and just for songs where it’s interesting to have many versions like “The Cuckoo” or “Sugar Babe” for example.

So, goodbye for now and see you all in a new place soon…


20 thoughts on “That’s all folks!

  1. Neil Jenkin says:

    What a shame, I’ve enjoyed reading your pieces. Thanks for the effort and thought you’ve put into them. You have pointed me in the direction of some fascinating music!

  2. Thanks for your efforts, which I’ve greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from!

  3. Glenn says:

    You did really great work here. Really inspiring. Thanks and best of luck with your other projects!


  4. Neal Walters says:

    Sorry to see this one go … I looked forward to each new addition …

  5. Ira Carter says:

    Well I totally understand tiring of a task this comprehensive, and I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. I hope you get some sense of all the lives you’ve touched.

  6. Paul says:

    Thank you for all of the effort that you put into this. As a fan of the music you highlighted, I selfishly wish you would continue, but I understand. I used to run a blog called Setting The Woods On Fire, which was way less comprehensive than yours, so I can only imagine how much work went into this. You should be commended for what you accomplished here.

  7. Davey Bob says:

    All your efforts here are appreciated.

    Looking forward to future sporadic posts!

    (Don’t know if you do requests, but I’d love to see a post of variations of ‘Blackjack Davey’)

    Thanks again, and please keep us informed when the new blog is up & running.

  8. Patrick says:

    thank you so much for putting this awesome blog online, I have plundered it bigtime !

    grtz from the land of beer & chocolates (as in lots off)

  9. Brian says:

    I echo the above. I am a bad thanker, generally but, of all the blogs I go to, yours gets the most immediate attention and has led me to thank you more than any other blogger. I love the music as much as I love The Anthology (and that’s a LOT)!!! You have added hugely to my understanding, and so my sincere thanks.

  10. Campbell says:

    More than greatly appreciated. HSA is one of the most important documents in the annals of recorded sound. Your work and commentaries have added to his opus by spreading the word and showing how it all fans out.
    Thanks from Montreal

  11. AKTIVISTA says:

    This is a very sad moment for all us who like zour effort in this “blogging bussiness”

    Very vey sad

  12. Steve says:

    Draaaaaaag. Thanks for all you’ve done. You’re still my favorite person.

  13. Brendan says:

    I will miss this site, though I very much look forward to your new one. The music and information you have provided here do a tremendous service not just to the Anthology, but to the study of American music and culture overall. I’ve learned a great deal, much of which I’ve tried to put into my own work as a poet. Thank you!

  14. kamholj says:

    This was one of the best, one of the most lively, and one of the most interesting music sites of all–and the music was invariably interesting, and most always excellent. Thanks for all your work on this. It was fun, and great listening.

  15. John says:

    You added greatly to my musical life. Thanks for all your wonderful work.

  16. Ted says:

    Thank you, sir! I really appreciate all your hard work.

  17. Scott says:

    I know all blogs have to be killed eventually, but this hurts more than most.

  18. thank you for all your work on this. i can’t imagine how much time you’ve put into it. i have to say that i was so looking forward to the completed project. it would have made quite the companion piece to the anthology. i do hope that someday you’ll come back to it since i think its value goes well beyond a simple music blog. i think its work that mr. smith would have been quite proud of. i truly hope that it is a project you’ll return to at some point.


  19. Ben says:

    thanks SOOOO Much!! i found this site just a few months back and feel like its a true treasure for all who were lucky enough to have come across it, and a true blessing for those who are lucky enough to know to appreciate it… thanks again!!

  20. Nomad says:

    I love this blog more than I could possibly express. I’m so glad you have decided to continue this wonderful work. Thank you.

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