Well, that’s not all, folks!


August 25, 2010 by gadaya

After one week of reflection about either closing or continue this blog, and after receiving so many thankful and encouraging comments about my work here, i decided to keep on exploring Harry Smith “Old Weird America” for a while… Well, maybe it’ll take time, work and dedication from my part, and money as well (I buy most of the tracks you hear on this blog) but i think it’s worth it. After all, even with a increase of interest and a new audience for “old-time music”, the music of the Anthology deserves to be more well-known, more studied and the old tunes and songs should keep on living among present-day musicians and music lovers. Now that mainstream music becomes more and more homogenized and polished, it’s great to have the raw power and down-home feel of the Dock Boggs, Charley Patton, Carter Family and so many others captured for ever on disc…

For me, as a french guy, it’ also serve as a kind of quest and reflection upon my own obsession and love for american traditional music and folklore. And also, with the help of the world wide web, i can finally share with others the music i love so much. It’s not always easy to find people able to really listen to such music nowadays. As i said above, it sounds quite raw and unpolished for most modern ears and tastes, further more when you live in a country, France, where its own folklore and regional music is much forgotten by the mass audience and appreciated only by a few aficionados…

So, expect to hear very soon some great variations on “Home Sweet Home ” and some very fine vintage cajun music from the good old years…

Once  again, thanks to all for giving me the desire to continue this project.



22 thoughts on “Well, that’s not all, folks!

  1. pete says:

    Merci beaucoup! I only check in here intermittently, so I had not seen the previously envoi, but I am delighted you are continuing. I appreciate that you took your time over each post, and encourage you to continue with that approach. Savor and enjoy — I sure do. Thanks again, and all the best.

  2. Jon says:

    Thank you. This is a great, great blog.

  3. aaaaah! Christmas in August! A thousand thanks for reconsidering.

  4. BG says:

    Thanks a million. Love your site.

  5. Rob Walsh says:

    Great news – can’t wait for the Richard Rabbit Brown / James Alley Blues segment..
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Elaine says:

    I’ve been checking in here for a while, now, and I always enjoy your commentary on the Anthology tracks. The collections of artist works and the variation collections are quite enlightening and entertaining.

    As an old folkie, I cherish Smith’s Anthology. I bought it on vinyl many years ago, and when it became available on CD, I bought that, too. I’m glad to see the renewed interest in American (and world) roots music, and your contribution to studying and understanding historical and social context is outstanding.

    When this project is complete, it would make a very good book! I’m sure the rights work involved would be daunting, but a dvd of all the collections included with such a book would be a great thing. That may not be possible, but you should think about getting an editor and an agent and publishing this fine work in reference book form.

    Thanks for your efforts in providing a most unusual and edifying blog!

  7. outstanding! peer pressure works again. seriously, very excited that you will be continuing the work.


  8. leknifrag says:

    thank you for your research. i would love to see you explore “james alley blues” at some point.
    you are helping me fill in the pieces of teh puzzle that is my own love of this music

  9. Jeff says:

    Hooray! This is the best news I’ve had all day. I love this blog and truly appreciate all the work you’ve done for it. It is a highly worthwhile project. Thanks for helping to keep this music alive and vital!

  10. Brian says:

    Yippee!! That’s my first thought ……. then I thought that it must be very demanding to do as you do, and wondered whether it would be better for you to ‘ramble’ more … taking the collection out of sequence, for example …. but WHATEVER you decide to do, thanks a million, good luck, and most of all ENJOY!!!

  11. Heather says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All of your dedication and work is very much appreciated. I completely understand and empathize with your comments about having people to share this music with, and I truly am thankful for all that you do in order to this with all of us.

  12. Martin Johansson says:

    So very happy that your back. Great new post also!!

  13. Brontecowboy says:

    Comment te remercier???

    Tu dois savoir que pour chaque personne qui t’écrit, nous sommes un grand nombre à lire (et à écouter) ton site. Le peu d’informations qui circulent au sujet de la «Old-Time Music» donne encore plus de valeur à ce site. Voilà qui, je l’espère, te donnera la motivation nécessaire pour continuer ce travail exigeant.

    Encore une fois mille mercis,
    Bonjour de Montréal,

    J’ai trouvé réponse à la question que je posais au début de ce message. Je clique tout de suite sur le bouton «Paypal»

    Hey Everyone, Please send money (and words of encouragement) so that we can continue to enjoy this great blog!!!

  14. Japanimalia says:

    I’m overjoyed and relieved that you will be continuing The Old, Weird America. Ive followed it from the beginning, and believe there is much much more to explore of Smith’s anthology and Lomax’s findings, obscure and historical musical figures, etc, etc…! Your blog has served as my muse, and I look forward to learning more.

  15. Auntie Knickers says:

    Thanks so much for reconsidering. I have sent a little donation and will do so again from time to time.

  16. Devin says:

    Echoing everyone else who has commented here and hopefully speaking for the countless others (such as myself, up to now) who have read your blog(s) without posting replies, thank you. It would have been a tremendous loss to the online folk community to see you stop your fabulous research. I hope you find a way to someday turn this work into a CD collection or book.

  17. Getty says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    I love this blog

  18. Dennis Flannigan says:

    Gadaya, I have an extensive collection of Old Timey music. Just read your August decision to continue the blog. If you’re seeking specific recordings, I may have it. Either in my collection, or one I have on reels of tape made for my friend, Howard Myers, from reels recorded by Joe Bussard that were traded for rare records collected by Howard. Example, he had all the recordings of Riley Puckett.

    There are remarkable recordings on those tapes, and my own collection while not so discerning is pretty good too. If interested, contact me at my email address. I’m not always able to respond quickly, but I will help if I can. Dennis Flannigan

  19. RSB says:

    Fantastic work you do! Mérci Beaucoup!

  20. dennis says:

    I’m pleased. Dennis

  21. Francois says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ce site magnifique, que je commence à explorer, attiré au départ par ma passion pour Bob Dylan…

  22. El Changuito says:

    Just have to note that I’ve spent the last six months reading and devouring your blog, and I am SOOOO glad you didn’t stop! I made a donation, but also wanted to send my meager words of encouragement in the hopes that you’ll make it to the end. Bonne chance!

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