69 “Rabbit Foot Blues” by Blind Lemon Jefferson


January 18, 2013 by gadaya

RabbitFootBluesThere are three tracks from Blind Lemon Jefferson on the third volume of the Anthology and this is the first one. He was a very popular recording artist during his time and his success launched the standard of the male Blues singer with guitar. The blind Texas street singer remains a mythic and influential figure of the Blues, even if his style was so unique that it was rarely imitated by others during his time. With his high and expressive voice, his creative guitar style, full of licks up and down the neck, his music is one the most lyrical ever recorded in the Blues idiom. His recorded repertoire (I believe he had a much broader repertoire as a street singer than what was recorded) is made up of many Blues songs of his own creation, full of striking and poetic images, (Go here to read the lyrics of his songs), some more ragtime pieces and a few religious songs (recorded under the pseudonym of Deacon L.J. Bates).

To read more on Blind Lemon, go here and his complete discography is available through Document Records and Jsp Records. (More about Blind Lemon Jefferson on future posts)

Blind Lemon Jefferson “Rabbit Foot Blues” (recorded in Chicago, December 1926, issued on Paramount)

Blues jumped a rabbit, run him one solid mile.Rabbit_foot_blues
Blues jumped a rabbit, run him one solid mile.
That rabbit sat down, cried like a natural child.

Well, it seem like you hungry. Honey, come and lunch with me.
Seem like you hungry. Honey, come and lunch with me.
I wanna stop these nice looking women from worrying me.

I have Uneeda biscuits, gal, and a half a pint of gin.
Uneeda biscuits, gal, and a half a pint of gin.
The gin is mighty fine, but them biscuits are a little too thin.

Baby, tell me something about the meatless and wheatless days.
I want to know about those meatless and wheatless days
This not being my home, I don’t think that I should stay.

I cried for flour and meat, I declare, it was strong.
Well, I cried for flour and meat, I declare, it was strong.
Keep a feeding me cornbread, I just can’t stick around long.

Got an airplane, baby, now we’re gonna get a submarine.
An airplane, now we’re gonna get a submarine.
Gonna get that Kaiser and we’ll be seldom seen.

Mmmm, hitch me to your buggy, mama; drive me like a mule.
Hitch me to your buggy; drive me like a mule.
Reason I’m going home with you, sugar, I ain’t much hard to be fooled.

There’s no mention of a rabbit foot (a well-known talisman against bad luck) in “Rabbit Foot Blues” and except for the common Blues verse “Blues jumped the rabbit”, of no rabbit either. The text is full of double-entendre lines, some of sexual nature, that can be hard to understand out of context. The guitar is tuned in Spanish tuning (open G tuning) and feature, like always with Jefferson, some beautiful licks up and down the neck.

As I couldn’t find other interesting versions of “Rabbit Foot Blues”, I’ve compiled instead all the tunes recorded in his first years with Paramount in 1925 and 1926. Enjoy!

1. I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart
2. All I Want Is That Pure Religion
3. Got The Blues
4. Long Lonesome Blues
5. Booster Blues
6. Dry Southern Blues
7. Black Horse Blues
8. Corinna Blues
9. Jack O’ Diamond Blues
10. Chock House Blues
11. Beggin Back
12. Old Rounders Blues
13. Stocking Feet Blues
14. That Black Snake Moan
15. Wartime Blues
16. Broke And Hungry
17. Shuckin’ Sugar Blues
18. Booger Rooger Blues
19. Rabbit Foot Blues
20. Bad Luck Blues

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      For me as well.

      Many thanks for all these, and all your efforts, but this sort of thing has happenned before, and negates some of your hard work.

      • gadaya says:

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  4. rebecca says:

    I was just listening to the anthology of american folk music last night and now your blog. “weird!” volume three in particular is a gift to the world.

  5. Shadonoz says:

    BUMMER from Rapidshare:

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  6. Certainly one of the best by BL Jefferson. You should give a try to the Milestone “The Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson”. Salut G.

  7. inthealley says:

    Everything working now, gadaya; thanks as ever for this great work!

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    Just tried to grab the album via Harry but it says you have no more bandwidth left.
    Anywhere else i can grab it?

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