27 “Got The Farmland Blues” by The Carolina Tar Heels


July 21, 2009 by gadaya

The Carolina Tar Heels World (part 2)

Here’s more Carolina Tar Heels tracks for you… I already introduced the band on my “Peg’n Awl” post a few months ago…The sound on some track is pretty bad but i hope you’ll enjoy nevertheless…Carolina+Tar+Heels+Carolina_Tar_Heels


1.Farm Girl Blues

2.I don’t like the Blues no how

3.The Apron String Blues

4.Somebody’s tall and handsome

5.Rude and Rambling Man

6.My home’s across the Blueridge mountains

7.Roll on Daddy roll on

8.Her Name was Hula Lou

9.Going to Georgia

10.Bring me a leaf from the sea

11.You’re a little too small

12.Got the farmland Blues



The Farmland Blues Variations

27 Got the Farmland BluesThe song who close the “Ballad” volume on the Anthology can be describe as a humorous Mountain Blues describing the bad luck of a farmer that push him to move to town. It seems that the song was the creation of The Carolina Tar Heels themselves as i can’t find no other recordings apart from “covers” of the Tar Heels version by revivalist old-time bands. But the theme of the poor farmer and his struggles to survive during hard times can be found in many other songs…So i made a little compilation of songs with this theme, including some covers of “Farm land Blues”.

– Page 1 and Page 2 for the music and words of “Got The Farmland Blues”

Let’s hear hillbilly, bluegrass, folk and Blues songs dealing with the “farmer’s Blues”…

Farmland Blues John Cohen Stories The Crow Told Me
Po’ Farmer (Poor Farmers) – Lemuel Jones Lemuel Jones Field Recordings Vol. 1: Virginia (1936-1941)
Poor Old Dirt Farmer Strange Creek Singers Strange Creek Singers: Get Aquatinted Waltz
Farm Relief Uncle Dave Macon Hard Times in the Country
Farmer’s Dream Oscar Ford Hard Times in the Country
Farmer Charlie Parr Roustabout
Farmer’s Lament Cisco Houston Folkways Years, The, 1944-1961
Farmer’s Blues John Dilleshaw John Dilleshaw 1929 – 1930
Farm Relief Song John White Juneberry 78
Farmer’s Blues Blue Highway It’s a Long, Long Road
Farm Blues Robert Pete Williams Robert Pete Williams
Got the Farmland Blues Bing Bang Boys I’m Feeling Good
Poor Old Dirt Farmer Levon Helm Dirt Farmer
  1. Farmland Blues, John Cohen, Stories The Crow Told MeRobert Pete Williams
  2. Po’ Farmer (Poor Farmers) ,Lemuel Jones, Field Recordings Vol. 1: Virginia (1936-1941)
  3. Poor Old Dirt Farmer, Strange Creek Singers, Strange Creek Singers: Get Aquatinted Waltz
  4. Farm Relief, Uncle Dave Macon, Hard Times in the Country
  5. Farmer’s Dream, Oscar Ford, Hard Times in the Country
  6. Farmer, Charlie Parr, Roustabout
  7. Farmer’s Lament,Cisco Houston , Folkways Years, The, 1944-1961
  8. Farmer’s Blues, John Dilleshaw, John Dilleshaw 1929 – 1930
  9. Farm Relief Song, John White, Juneberry 78
  10. Farmer’s Blues, Blue Highway, It’s a Long, Long Road
  11. Farm Blues, Robert Pete Williams, Robert Pete Williams
  12. Got the Farmland Blues, Bing Bang Boys, I’m Feeling Good
  13. Poor Old Dirt Farmer, Levon Helm, Dirt Farmerlevon-helm-cover-300x298




6 thoughts on “27 “Got The Farmland Blues” by The Carolina Tar Heels

  1. Alex says:


    wonderful blog! I love the Carolina Tar Heels. I’ve added you to my “Other cool stuff list” on my blog. Check it out.


  2. KennyDee says:

    Thank you for this amazing blog.

  3. Sam Rye says:

    thanks for all this great music. This is a labor of love, I’m sure, and it’s much appreciated.
    Are you familiar with Lou Curtiss? Worth a look, and his radio program is a hoot.

  4. The “Farm Relief Song”.I notice different date’s and musician’s for the song.The Internet Archive by way of “grim-riper” give’s 1934 as the copyright date.Song done by “Lone Star Ranger”.
    I have a 78 of the song done by the Lone Star Ranger copyright 1920.Pathe-actuelle needle cut–#32491—It seem’s 1920 may be the original date of production with copies following later.There is a Vernon Dalhart copy listed.I have one Dalhart record of a song other than the Farm Relief Song.

  5. Dennis A. Conci says:

    Used To Spend All My Money On Records – Then Realized The Futility Of A Working (Poor) Man Trying To Amass A Substantial Record Collection. It Took Me Fifty Years To Find Out About The Harry Smith Collection, And 5 Minutes Later I Found Your Site. Thank You. From The Forth Grade Music Class (Singing “Down In The Valley”) To my Den/Music Room 5 Minutes Ago listening To Sara Carter Singing “Wreck Of 143”, I feel as though I have come full circle.Again Thank You. Denis A. Conci – Pennsylvania

  6. Dano says:

    “The Taxes on the Farmer Feeds Us All” – covered by Ry Cooder

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