38 “Acadian One-Step” by Joseph Falcon


June 24, 2010 by gadaya

We continue on cajun dance music with “Acadian One-Step” by Joe Falcon, one of the greatest accordion player and a pioneer artist of cajun records. The first recording of authentic cajun music was made in 1928 by  Falcon and his future wife Cleoma Breaux playing rhythm guitar. One of the song recorded that day  was “Allons à Lafayette” , who became  a real cajun classic. The record sold well and soon the big recording companies were on the hunt for other cajun artists. Falcon recorded many sides between 1928 and 1937 but the early death by accident of his wife and musical partner Cleoma in 1941 and the popularity of other musical genres like western swing made him stop his recording career.

In the first place, cajun music was played with fiddles but soon the accordion, brought from Europe to Louisiana by german settlers in the mid-19th century, became the instrument of choice. The fiddle was re-introduced during the Western Swing craze and soon Joe’s music became out-of fashion. The cajun revival that started in the mid-1960’s brought back the importance of Falcon and his accordion style and the Arhoolie label  released a live concert recorded in the 1960’s.

-For more about Joe Falcon and his first recording, go to this page

The Wikipedia page about Joe Falcon

A page about the history of cajun accordion

A review of the Arhoolie release “Joe Falcon, cajun music pioneer”

-Here are 26 recordings by Joe Falcon, with Cleoma playing guitar on all sides and singing on some and Cleoma’s brother Ophy playing violin on a few sides. They are part of a nice box-set issued by JSP records “Cajun Early Recordings (There are two more box-sets devoted to early cajun music on this label, check them out, they’re great and cheap…)

  1. Lafayette
  2. The Waltz that Carried Me to My Grave
  3. Poche Town
  4. When I Left Home for Texas
  5. Ossen One Step
  6. She has Forgotten Me
  7. To Love and to Lose
  8. Acadian One Step
  9. La Fille Oncle Elair
  10. Ils la Volet Mon Tracas
  11. La Valse de Madam Sosten
  12. La Valse J’aime
  13. En Route Chez Moi
  14. Mon Vieux d’Autrefois
  15. Pauvre Garcon
  16. Raise Your Window
  17. La Valse de Marie Buller
  18. La Vieux Soullard et sa Femme
  19. Prenez Courage
  20. C’est si Triste Sans Lui
  21. Raise My Window High
  22. Ma Valse Prefere
  23. La Valse Crowley
  24. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
  25. It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie
  26. Lulu’s Back in Town



14 thoughts on “38 “Acadian One-Step” by Joseph Falcon

  1. Amos Noah says:

    Amazing site, man. Been following for a while. At first I thought it to be a little too ambitious, but you have more than impressed with great commentary, background and amazing recordings. Excellent work, and thanks!!

  2. Ben Boatwright says:

    thank you for some great material. You have helped many musicians and fans have access to our heroes. That makes you one of our heroes too.

  3. sniffle says:

    A note of appreciation for your efforts. A rich vein of exploration.

  4. Pilar McCracken says:

    just came across your blog while searching for pictures of Cleoma Falcon for an art project I’m working on and really like what you’re doing. I was wondering if you have a higher resolution copy of the picture of Cleoma and Joe holding their instruments, as it would be really helpful for my project. Thanks for your time.

  5. Wade Falcon says:

    I can get you a hi-rez photo. Let me know
    -Wade Falcon, JF’s third cousin

    • winston foster says:

      greetings from australia.i am due to sing arcadian one step at a festival in 44hours time.if anybody can assist with the full french lyrics of the tune (& if possible the english translation) ..it would be a life -saver!..thanks,& best wishes..Winston(

      • Lee Reuter says:

        Did you ever get the lyrics? I need them and can’t find them anywhere. I would sure appreciate!

      • gadaya says:

        Sorry but even for a french it’s very hard to understand what he’s singing!

      • couillon says:

        try these 2 books: Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, Vol. 1 [Paperback]
        Ann Allen Savoy and Ye Yaille Chere, Traditional Cajun Dance Music
        by Raymond E. Francois

  6. Mauricio says:

    Thanks. Merci. Gracias.

  7. […] One-Step”  appeared on the “social” set of the Anthology and is reviewed on a previous post (with 26 tracks by the duo […]

  8. Barbara Schwarz says:

    g’day gadaya
    mediafire have a 404 on this link and it ain’t a peugeot

  9. Marian says:

    Mediafire et rapidshare are “totally dead” today. Dommage dommage.
    Un endroit aussi savoureux que merveilleux!

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