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August 27, 2010 by gadaya

As you probably noticed already, i’ve changed again the design of the blog, and this time i think i’ll keep it like this. It’s very clear and easy to read, and i love to have the beautiful “Celestal Monochord” on the right side. I wanted to have a new look to keep going on this projects and i took the occasion to do the same on my other blogs as well(“Times ain’t like they used to be” and “The World’s Jukebox”). I also add a Donation button which lead you to the Paypal site. As i said on my previous post, it cost me a bit of money  to work on this projects and a little support would be welcome. Even a small amount is already something and i let everyone estimate by himself  how much he can offer for all the music i share with you here.

Ok, thanks again for your support and see you soon on a forthcoming post about “Home Sweet Home” by The Breaux Frères…



3 thoughts on “New design and donation button

  1. Brian says:

    A small some, but given with great happiness ……. long may you manage to continue, and I hope others will appreciate you as much as I do.

  2. Brian says:

    I meant “sum”!!!!

  3. tad richards says:

    Don’t change anything — this is perfection. And please don’t stop! And I’ll be making a donation.

    How do you embed music into your page the way you do?

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